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Easy Skylanders Swap Force Birthday Party Treats & Decorations

Easy Skylanders Swap Force Birthday Party Treats & Decorations

I learned a lot about the Skylanders and their abilities while I was planning Jack’s birthday party. The more I learned, the more I realized there are really limitless ideas that could be implemented for a Skylanders birthday party. I really wish I could’ve done more with this awesome theme!

Fortunately, I think I just might get that chance. Colby was so impressed by this party that he claims he wants to repeat it all when he turns six this summer!

Remember to check out the Skylanders Games we used, too!

Our Skylanders Treats

Because I’m still recovering from surgery and I’ve been so busy, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. Most of these treats are cleverly-labeled items that came directly from the store with no modification by me, including:

Pop Fizz Drinks (Koolaid squeeze bottles) – $1 per 6 pack

Scratch’s Claws (Bugle chips) – $4 per bag

Rubble Rouser’s Deep Dig Dirt (no bake cookies from Walmart bakery) – $3

Whirlwind’s Rainbows (Rainbow Twizzlers) – $3

I also purchased a few items that I forgot to make labels for. These included Trigger Happy’s Gold Coins (gold-foil wrapped chocolate coins, $3), Terrafin’s Feeding Frenzy (gummy sharks, $3), and Blast Zone’s Bombs (Atomic Fireballs, $3). These three items were purchased from the bulk candy bins at Top Foods.

The two items that I actually made myself were Rattle Shake’s Tail Bones and Warnado’s Tornados.

The “tail bones” were made by sticking two marshmallows to the end of pretzel sticks and dipping them in white candy melts. The total cost was about $5 and they took about 20 minutes to make. The candy melts hardened quickly, so I actually made these just a few hours before the party. I used the marshmallow flavored melts and these turned out fabulous! I found this recipe originally listed as Chop Chop’s Bones. I renamed them because Rattle Shake, who has a bone-throwing ability, is Colby’s very favorite Skylander.

Pinwheel sandwiches are staple at all of my parties. I made them once, a few parties ago, and discovered that they were the only food available that one of my dear friends can eat! Since then, I make them every time so that she has something to eat. Everyone else loves them, too! I “Skylander-ized” these sandwiches with the nom de plume ‘Warnado’s Tornados.’

To make the pinwheels, I simply spread ranch dressing over a tortilla, add some turkey or ham, cheese and a few leafs of Romaine lettuce. I roll them up, cut off the ends (and set them aside for my own snacking!) and then slice the sandwiches into chunks. It’s easy to do and they are so delicious.

I created labels showing the image of the Skylander as well as the name of each treat. Unfortunately, I have since lost those files. So sorry!

The Portal of Power Cake

I love to play with cake. Usually, my kids birthday cakes are entirely homemade and the centerpiece of the party (at least, in my opinion). However, I was too busy and worn out to make a cake from scratch this time. It turned out to be somewhat disastrous!

At Jack’s insistence, we purchased an Oreo ice cream cake. I should’ve known better! I wanted the top to be white, like the portal of power, so I had intended to frost over the top. My husband insisted we use marshmallow cream instead of frosting, since it would taste better. I agreed.

… It probably didn’t help that it was very late at night when we were planning this…

To spread out the marshmallow cream, I had to warm it up. Pouring warm marshmallow cream on an ice cream cake was not the wisest decorating decision I’ve ever made. I wrapped the edges with a black fondant sheet I’d purchased, since I’d been too busy to make my own. The whole thing looked rather sloppy. I put it back in the freezer so it didn’t melt further.

When we were ready to serve the cake, my father-in-law came to my rescue with some Skylanders cake toppers he’d found. I attached them… or, rather, I tried to.

The marshmallow cream had completely solidified in the freezer and I had to use a knife to cut holes for the toppers to stick in. This didn’t work very well, since the cream stuck to the knife and started to pull away. The candles didn’t want to stick in the cake, either.

Ultimately, the finished product looked like this…

Scary, I know…

So, if you’re reading this, please learn from my mistake.

Portal of power cake? YES! Do it! Awesome idea.

Ice cream cake with marshmallow cream topping? NO! Never, never again. Seriously. Not ever.

Ditto with that funky black fondant sheet – it felt and tasted like a belt. At least, that’s what I’m told. I didn’t try it.

So, just to recap – DO make a portal of power cake… just NOT how I did it.

Our Skylanders Decorations

Unfortunately, there’s not much to show for decorations. We purchased but forgot to use a set of Skylanders wall decals. We also purchased a pretty impressive Skylanders balloon that now adorns Jack’s bed. As soon as it deflates, we’re going to stick it to his wall.

We purchased both of these items via Amazon. Thanks to our Amazon Prime membership, they arrived within 2 days!