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A Simple & Fun Pokemon Party!

A Simple & Fun Pokemon Party!

Looking for easy Pokémon party ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s the party plan I used last night to celebrate my son’s sixth birthday.

One of the first things I noticed when I was browsing Bulbapedia was that there are 18 listed types of Pokémon. Although one Pokémon can have multiple types, I allowed my obsessed six-year-old pick one Pokémon from each category. Once he selected his favorites, I found a treat or activity for each Pokémon… and made labels for each one.

There are so many Pokemon…. there’s so much you can do with this theme!

Normal Pokémon: Lickitung

Unwrapped Laffy Taffy pieces look like tongues… so this one was very easy!

Fighting Pokémon: Meditite

Bulbapedia tells me that Meditite eats one berry per day as part of her training, so I was going to serve some type of berry for this Pokémon’s treat. However, I forgot to by them… so I have no pictures. But the label for Meditite’s Berries is included in the label document below!

Rock Pokémon: Mega Tyranitar

Mega Tyranitar has two sets of sharp, pointed teeth…. which makes Bugles the perfect treat for this Pokémon! I just dumped a bag of Bugles into a bowl, taped the label to it… and done!IMG_4546

Bug Pokémon: Beedrill

My kids LOVE to pop balloons…. especially if there’s something fun inside. I put a pack of fruit snacks inside each balloon and filled them up, tied them off…. and then the fun began!

Ghost Pokémon: Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo. Pumpkins. Pretty simple, right?

Steel Pokémon: Metagross

Each Metagross has four brains, so I made “brains” by peeling small oranges.

Fire Pokémon: Torchic

Torchic is a bird Pokémon, so I assume she lays eggs…. so I found these in the candy section and called them Torchic’s eggs!

Water Pokémon: Horsea

I was going to play a fishing game where the kids would “fish” for Horsea, but I didn’t get it together in time. Instead, I decided to dump a bunch of Goldfish crackers in a bowl and label it “Horsea’s Fish Friends.” In the end, I didn’t do that either…. but there’s two ideas, anyways.

Grass Pokémon: Tangela

Tangela looks like a tangled mess…. so I used rainbow Twizzlers and served Tangela’s Tangles!

I originally wanted to do some sort of game involving tangled yarn… but I never quite figured out what and I didn’t have a lot of time, anyway. But if you do come up with something like that, please let me know!

Electric Pokémon: Pikachu

Pikachu is everyone’s favorite Pokémon (at least in this house), so we played Pin the Tail on Pikachu!

I found a picture of Pikachu online, used Paint to erase the tail and then printed the picture. Then I used Paint to erase everything but the tail from the same picture and printed several of the tails. You can do the same thing.

Psychic Pokémon: Drowzee

I had two plans for Drowzee… and neither one actually happened. First, I was going to play a treasure-hunt style game that I called “Catching Drowzee’s Zzzzs” where the kids searched for Z shapes. I decided against that and instead decided to make Z-shaped cookies. Didn’t do that either. Oops.

Ice Pokémon: Vanillite

I’d planned to serve individual vanilla ice cream cups for Vanillite’s treat but I forgot to buy them!

Dragon Pokémon: Goomy

Colby LOVES Goomy… so I decided I’d use Goomy for his favorite treat! I bought some individual Koolaid kid’s drinks and called them “Goomy Goo.”

Dark Pokémon: Zweilous

Zweilous is a two-headed Pokémon. Bulbapedia says, “Zweilous has the vigor and energy to eat and bite constantly without stopping. Its heads dislike each other and are very hostile. As a result, the heads often turn eating into a competition. Whichever head eats more than the other gets to be the leader. Because of this, Zweilous always eats far too much.”

I thought it would be awesome to have a Zweilous eating contest. I had a bunch of extra marshmallows that the kids could gobble and whoever ate the most could lead a parade around the yard! However, I ended up just putting the marshmallows in a bowl for everyone to share. Somehow, I didn’t think the other parents would appreciate me stuffing their kids full of sugary treats right before bedtime…

Fairy Pokémon: Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff is everyone’s second-favorite Pokémon (at least in this house). And you know what else is jiggly? Jell-O. So that’s what we did…

Ground Pokémon: Diglett’s Dirt

Diglett is a mole Pokémon, so I made “dirt.” Chocolate pudding with gummy worms inside and crushed Oreos on top! In hindsight, I wish I’d planted a Milano cookie right in the middle and drawn a face on it…. The cookie would’ve looked just like Diglett!

Poison Pokémon: Toxicroak’s Poison Darts

Toxicroak doesn’t actually throw poison darts but the character is based on a poison dart frog, so I think this works! I made “poison darts” by sticking a pretzel inside a colored marshmallow. If I had more time/energy/sanity/whatever, I would’ve chocolate-dipped the pretzels… but I didn’t.

If you’d rather have more activities than treats, it would be easy to use this label with a Nerf shooting game or something like that.

Flying Pokémon: Tornadus

I serve pinwheel sandwiches at every party and I try to work them into the theme. During our Skylander’s party in April, they were Warnado’s Tornados. During Colby’s party this month, they were Tornadus’ Tornados…. I’m not sure how I’ll work them into the Frozen party I’m planning for next month, but we’ll see. lol

Anyway, my pinwheels are easy to make. I spread a thin amount of sauce (ranch dressing, sweet onion sauce, honey mustard… whatever sounds good) over a tortilla. I put two or three pieces of lunchmeat down the middle, add a few slices of cheese, some lettuce and wrap it up. Then I cut the roll into slices. That’s it!

The Cake

Instead of a cake, we made Pokéballs out of Rice Krispies!

I washed an old plastic Pokeball (90s toy) and sprayed it with olive oil for a mold. I filled the bottom with Rice Krispies and pressed down on the center with a small plastic ball. The ball created a dent, which I filled with gummy worms and gummy bears. I covered these with more Rice Krispies and forced the plastic Pokeball closed to form the balls.

Once these balls were made, I put them in the fridge to harden. We colored them with white and red candy melts and used a blank fondant sheet to create the black line around the middle. A half of a mini Oreo formed the button.

My awesome sister-in-law had a fantastic Betty Crocker Bake ‘n’ Fill pan that we used to create a large one, but we didn’t bother to color it. The pan was so much easier to use! The kids loved being able to hold their own Pokeballs, but I think if we do this party again we might keep it simple and just make the one large one.